The AI-powered underwater camera trap!
We believe in empowering researchers with the best tools


Our camera is designed to help marine researchers to take long term footage underwater.

Credits: ©Alexis Chappuis - UNSEEN Expeditions.
Credits: Jennifer Keeping - All About Africa

High Quality Photo & Video

Shoot up to 1080p at 20 FPS
Take photos at regular intervals!

Upto 10 Days Battery Life!

Interchangeable batteries and a sleep mode for long life.

Multiple Sensors and Lighting

Optional subsea lights, temperature, pressure, depth, salinity, conductivity & dissolved oxygen sensors!

Credits: ©Alexis Chappuis - UNSEEN Expeditions.

400m Depth Rating

Can be used up to 400m deep by divers or equipment!

Credits: Jennifer Keeping - All About Africa

Use AI to process data

Use our online AI model to process images/video quickly without manual effort!

Easy Access via the App

Setup the schedule, update the camera and control via our easy to use mobile app!


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